Energy Storage

Solvay develops cutting-edge materials that transform how we power batteries.

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Battery innovation drives today's mobile economy, powering our phones, tablets as well as other electronic devices. More importantly, electric vehicles powered by batteries are changing our lifestyle and sustain our carbon footprint.  It's also slated this technology is playing an ever more important role storing electricity generated by renewable resources, such as wind and solar. 

Solvay develops and manufactures high-value solutions that help expand the performance and adoption of lithium ion batteries.

High-performance materials for Li-Ion battery technologies

Solvay's high-performance material solutions are helping to address the challenges of today and tomorrow:

Higher battery energy density

Our Solef® PVDF  and Torlon® PAI are used as electrode binders to help achieve better performance by providing higher energy density with lower binder quantity, thus reducing overall battery costs as well.

Longer battery lifetime and safety

Used as material for separator coating, Solef® PVDF increases batteries' life cycle as well as safety at high temperatures.

Electrolytes: Solvay's additives together with a variety of new organic and inorganic fluorinated compounds, are used in the electrolyte of Li-ion batteries. These materials help achieve the critical requirements for next generation batteries: F1EC improves safety and energy storage, F2EC provides a longer cycle-life, TAB improves overcharge protection.

Salt and additives: LiTFSI is a conductive lithium salt, with excellent electrochemical and thermal stability. In Li-ion batteries, LiTFSI is used as additive to improve battery life and safety.

Beyond Batteries: Solvay Technologies for Hybrid / Electric Vehicles

Our Amodel PPA®, Ixef® PARA, and KetaSpire®PEEK polymers replace metal parts within battery modules and packs for weight reduction as well as for improved electrical insulation and mechanical properties.

For battery cooling efficiency, Galden® PFPE fluorinated fluid is used to ensure the best pack operation conditions and excellent electrical safety.

Hyflon® PFA/MFA®, fluoropolymer gaskets, improves battery life and safety.


Powering a green "Bluecar"

In Paris, nimble electric cars are transforming the urban commute. The Blue Cars, to give them their official name, are provided by the eco-friendly Autolib car-sharing company. Solvay's Solef® PVDF plays a critical role supporting this game-changing service as it strengthens the battery's reliability and performance.