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We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of specialty reagents to the mining industry. Cytec, which became part of the Solvay Group in 2015, had developed highly specialized know-how in this field over a century. This expertise has now been absorbed into Solvay and enriched by the Group’s own technological heritage in related fields. 

Through our resolutely customer-focused approach, we are reliable and proactive partners with a thorough understanding of the mining industry. Our innovative chemical technologies help our customers achieve operational excellence in mineral processing, solvent extraction and mineral refining. At the same time, we work with them to develop sustainable solutions for the future

Our extensive portfolio of advanced products for mining, which all fulfill or exceed the most stringent technical and environmental specifications, are designed to meet specific requirements for processing numerous metals and minerals. Benefiting from our vast experience of the industry, our customers can concentrate on creating value and optimizing their operations.

Solvay’s advanced portfolio of ACORGA®, AERO®, CYANEX®, MAX HT®, AEROPHINE® and PHOSFLOW® mining chemical technologies are extensively used in applications such as the flotation and/or extraction of copper, alumina, gold, silver, uranium, nickel, cobalt, phosphate, iron, rare earths and other metals and minerals.

Mineral processing

Solvay has been a technology pioneer and supplier to the flotation process for more than 100 years. Our reagent technologies are changing the face of the mineral processing industry. Precision targeting of chemistries yields increased recovery, productivity and safety. Using Solvay products, our customers have been able to attain an entirely new level of profitability. Our product portfolio includes:
  • Promoters and collectors
  • Frothing agents
  • Depressants
  • Processing aids
  • Physical separation enhancers
  • Dewatering aids
  • Flocculants
  • Dispersants

Solvent extraction

Solvay is committed to being the leading technology provider of hydrometallurgical separation technologies for copper and other metals. With 40 years of history in solvent extraction (SX), Solvay has extensive experience in solving problems and introducing new products.  Our commitment to the SX industry extends to our manufacturing capabilities, where we are expanding production at our plants in Canada and the US.

Mineral refining

Solvay provides the alumina industry with value-adding, efficiency-enhancing technology for all stages in Bayer Process alumina production. Our technological innovations for alumina processing began with programs for the solid-liquid separation processes and the introduction of synthetic polyacrylate flocculants to replace starch.  Subsequent development of copolymers for the CCD circuit provided significant improvements in refinery economics and red mud disposal. 

Solvay pioneered the release of hydroxamic acid flocculants, a quantum leap in flocculant technology for the clarification circuit, providing improved economics, liquor filtration rates and reduced settler scaling.  All of Solvay’s initiatives in alumina are supported by a global team of field engineers - and a vertically integrated supply chain - to support today's programs and technologies with an eye on future industry needs.

Solvay’s Interox® hydrogen peroxide is a reagent offering desirable environmental characteristics which can  enhance the recovery of metals, detoxify water effluents after metal extraction and improve operational sustainability in water management. Additionally, Interox® hydrogen peroxide can be used to generate alternative peroxide based oxidants such as Caro’s acid for specific applications and operating environments which require customized outcomes. 

Soda Solvay® delivers when used to neutralize acidic mine runoff and acid waste in ponds or streams. Soda ash is used in calciners that roast ore to prevent sulfur dioxide emission or formation of sulfuric acid gas.

Solvay's Trona products are used in metals refining to control acid gas emission, prevent sulfur build up, and prevent corrosion in duct work.
Working with Solvay provides you an opportunity and a partnership you will not find anywhere else within the mining industry.