Creation of Solvay Energy Services, a business focused on energy and CO2 challenges

Solvay announces the creation of Solvay Energy Services, the first concrete outcome of the integration of Solvay and Rhodia. This new business aims to optimize the energy costs and CO2 emissions both of the Group and on behalf of third parties.

Solvay Energy Services will make use of the expertise of Solvay, Rhodia and Orbeo to optimize the energy purchases of the new group, which amount to EUR 1.2 billion per year, as well as helping the Business Units and production sites manage their energy requirements and CO2 emissions. In addition Solvay manages energy co-generation facilities worldwide with an installed production capacity to date equivalent to 1000 MW. These various resources will contribute toward the Group’s objective of a 20 percent reduction in its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

The business will also develop activities to help external customers reduce their environmental footprint. These will mainly focus on energy services, CO2 management and the development of renewable energy and biofuels.

Solvay Energy Services, operational as of January 1, 2012, is headed by Philippe Rosier. Commenting on this move, he said: “The creation of this business, which will leverage the performance of the Group, represents an important step and a first success in the integration of Solvay and Rhodia. We are delighted to be able to consolidate our unique expertise in one team and contribute toward the fight against climate change. We are determined to become a major player in innovative energy solutions.”

Solvay Energy Services is a global business unit of the Solvay Group, specialized in the fields of energy optimization and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the group's commitment in the fight against climate change. Solvay Energy Services manages approximately EUR 1.2 billion of energy purchases on behalf of the Group. Solvay Energy Services has also developed major projects to reduce emissions under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol. More recently, Solvay Energy Services has strengthened its expertise by investing in renewable energy and biofuels, and developing energy and CO2 management services for third parties. Finally, the entity now owns a 100% stake in Orbeo, the company dedicated to carbon markets, which combines industrial, financial and environmental expertise dedicated to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


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