Rhodia raises silica prices by 5 and 8% as of 1st April 2011

Lyon, France – March 7, 2011 - Rhodia announces an increase in price of 5% for conventional silicas and 8% for highly dispersible silicas effective 1st April 2011 or as contracts allow.

”Market dynamics combined with the magnitude of the recent changes in energy prices leaves us with no option than to take measures in order to continue providing customers with the reliable supply they require", stated Tom Benner, President of Rhodia Silica.

Used by all the world’s leading tyre companies and marketed under the brand name Zeosil®, Rhodia’s highly dispersible silica is used primarily in the production of fuel-saving tires. Rhodia’s technology decreases the tread’s rolling resistance, resulting in a five to seven percent reduction in fuel consumption by light vehicles.

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