Achieving results can be challenging. We can help.

From the push for greater recovery, throughput and efficiency to growing focus on energy and water usage, the mining industry continues to navigate a complex operating environment. In this context, the reagent scheme applied and the technical recommendations implemented can have a significant impact on plant optimization. Solvay helps mines use their resources more efficiently and do more with less of Earth's natural resources, even while working with the most challenging ore bodies. Learn how Solvay's industry-leading reagents, innovation and technical support can help mining operations achieve measurable results.

"We help mining operations do more with less, and support the industry in becoming a more sustainable and responsible source of the world's minerals."  - Chuck Price, EVP Mining Solutions at Solvay.

Innovation and sustainability: linked to efficiency and cost

Solvay believes that innovation, sustainability and economics go hand-in-hand within the mining industry. Chuck Price, EVP Mining Solutions, discusses win-win partnerships.


Digital innovation for copper solvent extraction

Digital innovation is critical to the mining industry's future as mines are beginning to use data to improve operational decision making. Solvay Mining Solutions believes that our reagents and capabilities, backed by digital technologies, can help mines reach their true potential. SolvExtract, a first-of-its-kind, app-based platform for solvent extraction operations, is Solvay's initial digital offering designed to help operations achieve more predictable results in a more timely manner. And as we know, time equals money. Stay tuned for additional digital offerings from Solvay in the future.


Translating industry needs into concrete solutions

In Mining Solutions, we believe that every interaction with our customers is an opportunity to learn about their needs and address them through reagent development and applications expertise. Dan Stigers, Technology Director, Mining Solutions, shares one memorable example.