Go stain-less with Mirapol® Surf-NHSC designed for kitchen and the bathroom

Mirapol® Surf-N HSC is a range of high active natural polymers for modern and plastic surfaces. Mirapol® Surf-N HSC is completing the Mirapol® Surf-N HSC range designed for classic hard surfaces: glass, ceramic, stainless steel, etc…Make your life easier, Spend less time cleaning!

Spotless Cleaning

Through water sheeting. Mirapol® Surf-N HSC performs on most modern surfaces.

Commerical Cleaner


Easy Cleaning
Mirapol® Surf-N HSC resists rinsing and wiping from the first use and reduces soil adhesion on the surface. Mirapol® Surf-N HSC binds to the surface, is not washed away and protects from soil. Its long lasting performance also makes next cleaning easier.

Easy Cleaning


Fast Drying
Water sheeting prevents spots and accelerates the drying.


Consumer Benefits:

  • Longer lasting cleaning
  • Spotless cleaning
  • Fast drying
  • Water sheeting                  



  • Particularly suitable for synthetic and modern surfaces
  • Efficient at low dosage


Consumer needs

  • All purpose cleaners for kitchen and bathrooms