Go Shinier with Mirapol® Surf S P-Free Power!

Enabling shinier surfaces, anti-spotting and anti-streaking benefits can be achieved by using our unique polymer technology, Mirapol® Surf S P-Free Power. It brings rinse-aid function to your detergent by modifying the surface to enable water to flow homogeneously on the surface, letting it spot- and streak-free!

How does it work ?

adsorb on surfaces

Our polymers adsorb on surfaces during the wash cycle and create a protective hydrophilic barrier. During the rinsing step, water forms a thin and uniform film to avoid spots and streaks. The barrier is resistant to soil and limescale redeposition on your dishes.

External Labs Validate our Performance!

Mirapol Surf P-free Power

Consumer Benefits:

  • All-in-one tablets
  • Improves water drainage
  • Avoid spots and streaks
  • Boost Shine performance


  • Enhanced in Phosphate-free Formulations
  • Flexible in both Citrates and MGDA formulations
  • Performs even at a very low dosage

Consumer applications:

  • Dishwasher powders and tablets

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In order to meet the increasing concern of the market for safer products and for the environment.

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