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Mackol CAS 100 N - COSMOS certified coco-sulfate. This solution is a 100% renewable carbon alternative to SLS for slightly milder oral care products. It is supplied in needle form for easy formulation, in particular in toothpaste.

Mirataine 50 OC - Oral care grade cocamidopropyl betaine. Mirataine 50 OC is a high active grade of cocamidopropyl betaine for oral care applications, especially when milder alternatives to SLS are required or when SLS is incompatible with the active(s) in the formulation.         

Mirataine 30 LS OC - High foam & low taste oral care betaine. Mirataine 30 LS OC is a purified version of Lauramidopropyl Betaine designed specifically for SLS-free oral care applications, providing improved taste and better foam in toothpaste formulations than standard CAPB
and excellent solubilization properties in mouthwash formulations.                                                               

Mackam CB 35 ULS HP - The ultimate oral care surfactant: mild, low taste, eco-certified. Mackam CB 35 ULS HP is a purified and eco-certified Coco-Betaine for low taste toothpaste formulations.             

Geropon MAP OC - Toothpaste co-surfactant for better foam feel and protection against enamel erosion and bacterial attachment. Geropon MAP OC is an extremely mild alkyl phosphate ester, used as a co-surfactant (in combination with betaine), to provide a pleasing dense yet easy-to-rinse foam, and protects enamel against acid erosion attacks and bacterial attachment.    


Mirataine® 30 LS OC improved foam and taste

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Mirataine 30


Mirataine® 30 LS OC improved taste

Mirataine 30 LS OC has an improved taste vs. standard betaines

Mirataine 30 ls oc