Our tailored solutions with a focus on the environment

These activities are characterized by their high customer and application-driven approach and relatively low capital intensity. Their offering addresses major societal trends, meeting ever stricter requirements with respect to the environment and energy savings as well as the challenges of the mass consumer markets.


Novecare is a global leader in specialty surfactants, natural & synthetic polymers and amines. 

Novecare engineers and develops formulations that provide our customers sustainable and differentiated solutions with functional qualities designed to modify fluid behavior and deliver cleansing, softening, moisturizing, gelling, texturing, penetrating of dispersal properties. 

Our products are found in a variety of end-markets, including home and personal care, agricultural specialties, industrial & architectural coatings, oil & gas and several industrial applications.

Leading positions

  • Oil field additives
  • Adjuvants for crop protection
  • Hair care conditioning


Main business strengths

  • A broad technology base, formulation expertise and application knowledge 
  • A worldwide, market-oriented R&I organization enabling innovation performance and customer centricity (proximity for joint-developments)
  • A commitment to sustainable business solutions, leveraging our innovation capabilities and our sustainable sourcing programs 


2018 key figures

  • Net sales: 2.0 bn € 

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions is a leader in specialty mining reagents, phosphorus-based chemistry and UV stabilization of polymers. 

The global business unit serves a diverse range of markets, from mining, agriculture and agrochemicals to automotive, electronics, life sciences and industrial markets, among others. 

Our chemical formulations are tailored to address customers’ specific needs, with key technologies centering on selective modification of surface chemistry, manipulation of phosphorus chemistry in support of diverse applications and transformation of polyolefin performance characteristics. 

Main business strengths

  • Formulation expertise, with expert systems to develop unique additive and optimal reagent blends 
  • Global team of technical experts with application knowledge needed to optimize and support customer operations
  • Innovative partner to customers with a proven history of solving industry needs using new technology
  • Modeling capabilities to simulate operational scenarios and recommend the right solutions

2018 key figures 

  • Net sales: €643 million
  • 1,500 employees
  • 10  industrial sites             
  • 5 R&I centers   

Aroma Performance

Aroma Performance is the world’s largest integrated producer of vanillin for food, flavors & fragrances industries and synthetic intermediates used in perfumery, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and electronics.

Leading positions

  • Food and perfumery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agrochemical
  • Petrochemicals

2018 key figures

  • World number-1 producer of vanillin for food industries; world number-1 producer of diphenol intermediates for monomers with petrochemicals applications
  • Net sales: €414 million