myH2O2 is a unique, robust, reliable and safe solution that is tailored to the customer’s needs.

For quite a few years, Solvay has been working on a breakthrough new concept of small hydrogen peroxide production units to be installed at its customer sites. 

Unique Solvay process technology & design

  • The myH2O2 unit combines new proprietary and innovative technology developments from Solvay, runs small H2O2 production units in safe, reliable, competitive conditions.

Installed at the customer’s premises for on-site H2O2 consumption

  • myH2O2 satellite peroxide production units are installed at the customer’s location and are tailored to its premises. 
  • Production of H2O2 at the customer plant guarantees security of supply.

Associated with Solvay Hydrogen Peroxide mother plant for catalyst & solvent supply and regeneration

  • The myH2O2 remains associated with a hydrogen peroxide mother plant for remote control and centralized supply & regeneration of catalyst and solvents solution at defined calendar intervals.

Integrated value stream with the customer for hydrogen, and other feedstocks and utility sources

To large customers, myH2O2 offers unprecedented levels of value stream integration: 

  • Integrated supply of hydrogen feedstock
  • Oxygen and utilities
  • Land and typical site services

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