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For Citizen Day 2020, Solvay employees are invited to reach out to local communities around the world to make a difference. The second edition of Citizen Day will be held 100% digitally from 30 November to 6 December 2020 and places the focus on education. To make this event a success, we decided to partner with a global non-profit organization that encourages girls (and boys) of all ages and all backgrounds to consider STEM-related careers by introducing them to the world of science in fun and exciting ways. That organization is greenlight for girls (g4g).

Our goal is to inspire more girls and children around the world to take up STEM subjects, and we need great partners, such as Solvay, to do this. This enables us to engage with the future generation of STEM leader and, show them examples of innovative companies and aspiring role-model professionals. The Future Innovator’s Library will empower their employees to inspire, influence and impact their communities while sharing their expertise and truly, making a difference.

Melissa Rancourt
Founder and Chairman of greenlight for girls

Education is in our DNA

Greenlight for girls lab coats

As a company, Solvay has always been closely involved with the subject of scientific education: in order to have great researchers tomorrow, it’s crucial to get children enthusiastic about science today. We wanted to partner with an organization that has robust experience in making STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) engaging, fun, and possible and in the creation of educational videos in the fields of STEM subjects, in order to get our teams inspired to create their own great content about what they do and how they make a difference every day.

The activities of g4g are exactly within the scope of what we want to do in terms of reaching out to children and students. Our message to them is simple: we need you, great future scientists, to help us find solutions to the challenges of our planet.

Gaelle de Vos
Solvay’s Head of Philanthropy

Welcome to the IDEA Station - Inspiration, Design, Education, Action!

To help our employees in this endeavor, we provided them with an inspirational learning toolkit: the IDEA Station - Inspiration, Design, Education, Action! This inspirational learning portal was launched on the occasion of Citizen Day 2020 by Solvay’s teams, in collaboration with greenlight for girls.

The idea is to give access to a wide range of learning resources such as example videos, experiment guides to replicate, tutorials, ‘how-to’ tips, best practices on creating a webinar, creative communication ideas, quizzes, and more. All this material is there to inspire, guide and support Solvay teams in their Citizen Day actions and help them create engaging videos about STEM subjects.

Each video will be the foundation to build in the Future Innovator’s Library, a virtual library specifically created for Citizen Day 2020. This collection of STEM-related educational content is destined to educators as well as to children and students in primary, secondary and higher education.


Aligned visions and missions

Solvay has been working with greenlight for girls for several years, as both organizations share the same objective of bringing science to a wider audience. 

Lastly, this mission is aligned with Solvay’s Purpose of bonding people and ideas to reinvent progress, as well as with the Group’s dedication to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals dedicated to quality education, good jobs, reduced inequalities and gender equality.

Children following a virtual class

Future Innovator’s Library

STEM e-learning library accessible to all

Citizen Day in Brussels

Citizen Day 2020

United for global mobilization on Citizen Day to engage in impactful actions with local communities

Citizen 2019 - SDGs Solvay

Our approach towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals