Paris, October 2nd, 2018 --- Solvay has finalized an exclusive agreement with French biotech producer Deinove SA to commercialize ReGeN-oPhyt®, a novel, natural active ingredient for skin-care products in North America and Asia. 

ReGeN-oPhyt® is derived from phytoene, a colorless carotenoid used as a cutting-edge skin-care active to deliver antioxidant/anti-aging properties. ReGeN-oPhyt® was developed using a state-of-the-art biotechnology platform based on the fermentation of natural sugars by extremophilic Deinococcus bacterium.  

Extensive efficacy studies of phytoene on the skin show visible anti-aging benefits, enhanced skin regeneration and targeted anti-oxidant protection.

We are excited to announce this launch and partnership, which illustrates our commitment to the open innovation model that supports our growth strategy in the personal care/consumer health segment. Skin-care consumers are always looking for safe, effective, unique and natural ingredients and we see great opportunity in innovative bioactives like ReGeN-oPhyt®,” said Sonia Renac, Global Vice President, Home and Personal Care for Solvay Novecare. “This venture also signals the beginning of future collaborations between our two companies.”

Carotenoids are naturally occurring substances that fight oxidative stress in skin cells. Until now, nutrition was the only recognized logical source of phytoene for consumers. However, due to extreme variations in purity and color, its use at effective levels in skin-care products has been severely limited until now.

Today, with Deinove’s proprietary fermentation and purification technology – the first and only industrial-scale process capable of producing 100 percent pure phytoene – it is now possible to incorporate this active ingredient at highly effective dosages in skin-care products. 

We are delighted that Solvay acknowledges the uniqueness of our technology and integrates our phytoene in their skin-care actives portfolio. We are confident that Solvay Novecare’s intimate knowledge of the cosmetic markets will greatly contribute to making phytoene a best-seller,” added Emmanuel Petiot, CEO of Deinove.  

SOLVAY NOVECARE is a worldwide leader in specialty ingredients for Personal Care applications and a major player in guar derivatives, polymers and surfactant technologies. Solvay Novecare engineers and develops formulations that provide consumer products and state-of-the-art industrial applications with specific functional qualities designed to modify fluid behavior and deliver cleansing, dispersal, gelling, moisturizing, penetrating, softening or texturizing properties. These formulations are used in shampoos, hair treatments, skin care products, emulsions and detergent. Solvay Novecare, which boasts a worldwide network of 34 manufacturing sites and 22 R&D centers, has become the preferred partner of its customers in rapidly growing economies and leverages an innovation platform based on sustainable solutions.  

SOLVAY is an advanced materials and chemical company, committed to developing chemistry that addresses key societal challenges. Solvay innovates and partners with customers in diverse global end markets. Its products are used in planes, cars, batteries, smart and medical devices, as well as in mineral and oil and gas extraction, enhancing efficiency and sustainability. Its light-weighting materials promote cleaner mobility, its formulations optimize the use of resources and its performance chemicals improve air and water quality. Solvay is headquartered in Brussels with around 24,500 employees in 61 countries. Net sales were € 10.1 billion in 2017, with 90% from activities where Solvay ranks among the world’s top 3 leaders, resulting in an EBITDA margin of 22%. Solvay SA (SOLB.BE) is listed on Euronext Brussels and Paris (Bloomberg: SOLB.BB - Reuters: SOLB.BR) and in the United States its shares (SOLVY) are traded through a level-1 ADR program.

DEINOVE SA, (Euronext Growth Paris: ALDEI), is a biotech company that discovers, develops and produces compounds with industrial value from rare microorganisms, for the healthcare, nutrition and cosmetics markets. For this, DEINOVE relies on two key assets: a unique strain bank with 6,000 rare bacteria that have not yet been exploited; a genetic, metabolic and fermentation engineering platform that enables them to customize these natural micro-factories, transforming them into new industry standards.
Based in Montpellier, DEINOVE employs approximately 50 employees and has nearly 130 international patent applications. The Company has been listed on Euronext Growth® since April 2010.