Ideally suited to high temperature aerospace applications

Features and Benefits 
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance. Fabric can be heated to 2000°F (1080°C) and rapidly cooled with no apparent changes. 
  • Does not melt or vaporize until temperatures are in excess of 3000°F (1635°C). 
  • Easily impregnated on conventional coating equipment. 
  • High degree of uniformity in weight, thickness, and strength. 
  • Resembles fiberglass in appearance and handling characteristics. 
  • High purity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good ablative properties, and high strength-to-weight ratio


  • Global Business Unit
    Composite Materials
  • Synonyms
    quartz; quartz fabric;


Segments Applications
Airframe Secondary structural materials | Primary structural materials

Chemical categories

Chemical category Chemical family Chemical product
Process Materials Release Fabric Modified glass fabrics

Region of commercial availability

  • Asia / Pacific
  • Europe / Middle East / Africa
  • North America
  • Latin America

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