Actizone™ F5 CONC is a 6X dilutable concentrate that provides an aqueous disinfectant/sanitizer formulation. Actizone™ F5 CONC delivers a 24-hour antimicrobial residual activity that is highly effective against a range of microorganisms.  Actizone™ F5 CONC quickly kills 99.9% of bacteria, yeast, and viruses, including the coronavirus, as per US EPA Emerging Viral Pathogen Policy. It combines Actizone™ P5, our proprietary inert polymer, Actizone™ S5, our surfactant package, and industry-established quaternary ammonium chloride (Quat) active ingredients, which synergistically provides the surface with antimicrobial protection against repeated contamination over 24 hours. The residue-free formulation is compatible with multiple surface materials, including laminates, polycarbonate, glass, and steel. 

  • Function: Disinfectant
  • Benefits: Antimicrobial, 24-hour disinfection, residue-free finish, easy to process, multi-surface compatibility 
  • End-use: Hard surface disinfectant cleaners, multi-purpose cleaners 

Actizone™ F5 CONC is not currently registered or offered for sale in the United States or in Canada. Any sale of the product in a particular country shall be solely on the basis of the approved registration in that country, and any claims regarding the product in a particular jurisdiction shall be addressed solely by the laws and approval of the product in that jurisdiction.  This is not intended to promote or sell Actizone™ F5 CONC in countries in which it is not registered yet, including in the United States and Canada.


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