Our Actizone™ S5 surfactant package, when used with our proprietary polymer Actizone™ P5, is specially designed to provide quat-based, long-lasting antimicrobial cleaning solutions with a balance between excellent cleaning and 24-hour antibacterial protection.

The combination between Actizone™ S5,  Actizone™ P5 and quats forms Actizone™ F5 our disinfectant cleaner formulation, that kills more than 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including the flu and human coronavirus.

This surfactant package optimizes wetting, surface coverage, soil removal and dispersion of a variety of soils while still enabling sufficient abrasion resistance for reliable 24-hour antimicrobial formulations.

Actizone™ S5 is a co-formulant product created for use in disinfectant cleaners with residual sanitization performance for bacteria, that is compatible with a range of quat active ingredients.

In addition, Actizone™ S5 components are similarly listed in the EPA inert ingredients list, and REACH-registered, and listed in most global chemical inventories, for simplified formulation approvals.  


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