Aquivion® D83-24B is a perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA) ionomer dispersion that exhibits an Equivalent Weight (EW) of 830 g/eq. Polymer concentration is 24%. Solvent system is >99% water and is free of ethers. Aquivion® PFSA dispersions are based on the unique Short Side Chain copolymer of Tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and Sulfonyl Fluoride Vinyl Ether (SFVE) F2C=CF-O-CF2CF2-SO2F produced by Solvay. The PFSA ionomer dispersions contain its acid form (-SO3H) and are available in various solvent systems, EWs and concentrations. These dispersions can be used to produce PEM fuel cell electrodes and electrochemical cell electrodes, to manufacture or repair ion exchange membranes, to produce super-acid catalysts, and for the surface treatment of PTFE membranes to improve wetting behavior. Please visit for more information.


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Resource Efficiency Electricity Generation
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Food Processing Food Processing
Food Packaging Plastics
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Industrial Equipment Industrial Equipment Parts

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Specialty Polymers Perfluorosulfonic acid PFSA (Perfluorosulfonic acid)

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Not available in Middle East/Africa

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