Aquivion® P98 are perfluorinated pellets in the sulfonyl fluoride (-SO2F) form that exhibit an Equivalent Weight (EW) of 980 g/eq. This material is based on the unique Short Side Chain copolymer of Tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and Sulfonyl Fluoride Vinyl Ether (SFVE) F2C=CF-O-CF2CF2-SO2F produced by Solvay.
Aquivion® P98 resin can be easily melt extruded into a variety of shapes. The extruder should be equipped with a standard three-zone metering screw devoid of barrier or mixing elements. Optimum temperature settings will depend on the configuration of the equipment, but generally range from 200 to 300°C. 
Optionally, functional groups in the molded part are then hydrolyzed in baths or wet benches with a heated base (NaOH, KOH etc) reaction which may take minutes or hours, depending on thickness and conditions.
Aquivion® P87S can be directly hydrolyzed as described, either completely or only on their outer surface. This will enable functional activity of the sulfonic acid / sulfonyl salt groups for ion-exchange operations or as an acid catalyst.
Like other fluoropolymers, Aquivion PFSA pellets are corrosive in the melt; therefore, all parts having prolonged contact with the melt should be made with corrosion-resistant materials such as Hastelloy®, Inconel®, Monel® or Xaloy®. Chrome or nickel plating is not recommended since they are typically only sufficient for brief processing tests.
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Resource Efficiency Electricity Generation

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Specialty Polymers Perfluorosulfonic acid PFSA (Perfluorosulfonic acid)

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