BR® 127 NC corrosion inhibiting primer is the non-chromated version of our standard BR® 127 corrosion inhibiting primer.
BR® 127 NC can be used with essentially all 250°F (121°C) epoxy-based film adhesives and has been designed to provide optimal structural performance at temperatures ranging from -67°F to 300°F (-55°C to 149°C). BR® 127 NC has favorable durability and corrosion resistance within the bond line, and can effectively be used as a protective coating outside bonded areas.
Recommended use with FM® 73, FM® 87, FM® 94, BR® 95, FM® 123-2, FM® 123-5, FM® 300, FM® 300-1, or FM® 300-2

Features and Benefits 
  • Excellent corrosion resistance 
  • No Chromates 
  • Compatible with a wide variety of adhesive systems 
  • Service temperature from -67⁰F to 300⁰F (-55⁰C to 149⁰C) 
  • Protective coating


  • Global Business Unit
    Composite Materials
  • Brand


Segments Applications
Airframe Secondary structural materials | Primary structural materials

Chemical categories

Chemical category Chemical family Chemical product
Composites Thermoset Epoxy

Region of commercial availability

  • Asia / Pacific
  • Europe / Middle East / Africa
  • North America
  • Latin America

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