DForm® Fabric Tooling – Epoxy is an innovative prepreg system supplied in a convenient tile format. It combines short fibre conformability with the handling and laminate characteristics of a conventional long fibre composite.

The unique deformation characteristics are achieved through selective slitting of the fibres in a fabric prepreg. When presented as a multi-layer 0/90 tile, it is highly conformable and easily laminated.

The material has good tack that adheres well to the mould surface; it conforms well to complex mould features using ‘fingertip’ pressure without the need for time consuming tailoring of female and other complex mould geometry.

DForm® Fabric Tooling – Epoxy uses a single autoclave debulk cycle in which the prepreg system deforms under autoclave pressure to replicate precise details. It retains thickness and fibre orientation and produces a high quality surface finish that is comparable with legacy tooling systems (LTM, CYFORM) and offers savings in labour of the order of 75%.

• Convenient tile format 62.25cm x 62.25cm (24.5” x 24.5”).
• Simplified lay-up procedures; plies with a bevelled edge can be butt jointed to mate the tiles or tiles can be slightly overlapped.
• Proven resin technology.
• 2 layers of tiles will produce a 5.5 mm (~0.25”) standard thickness tool face.
• Short autoclave debulk after the first tile layer. No other debulks are necessary.
• 75% + reduction in lay-up time typical, more complexity increases this time saving.
• Accurate control of laminate configuration and resin content minimises tool distortion.
• Improved detail replication with no compromise to surface quality.
• Predictable and reproducible CTE.
• Self-contained system with an incorporated surface ply, does not need a separate surfacing solution.


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