FB® Sodium Percarbonate Technical Grade is an addition compound of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. This granular product provides a stable source of alkaline hydrogen peroxide which is environmentally friendly and easy to use. This product has an active available oxygen content which is equivalent to 27.5% H2O2.  FB® Sodium Percarbonate Technical Grade is only for formulation into end-use algaecides/fungicides. 


  • Global Business Unit
  • Synonyms
    sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate ; SPC ; PCS ; percarbonate de sodium ; 2Na2CO3.3H2O2


Segments Applications
Industrial & Institutional Care Air & Water Care
Segments Applications
Water Treatment Drinking Water Treatment | Industrial Water Treatment

Chemical categories

Chemical category Chemical family Chemical product
Sodium derivatives Soda Ash & Derivatives Sodium Percarbonate

Region of commercial availability

  • North America

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