Fluorolink® A10-P is a dialkyl amide PFPE derivative. It is especially designed for use as a polymer additive and can be compounded with thermoplastic and elastomeric materials to provide: 
- Low coefficient of friction (no stick-slip effect, noise reduction, anti-squeak properties) 
- Improved wear and abrasion resistance (leading to an extended working life) 
- Better chemical resistance 
- Water/oil and stain repellency 
- Improved surface smoothness and gloss 
All these benefits can be obtained without changing the bulk properties of the host material such as mechanical properties, color, etc. The addition of about 0.5 – 5 % w/w of Fluorolink® A10-P has demonstrated to enhance all surface properties of host materials such as: 
- Engineering thermoplastics (PolyAmides, PolyOxymethylene, PolyEsthers, Polyolefins and others) 
- Elastomers (EPDM, NBR, HNBR, Polyurethane based elastomers and others) 
- Thermoplastic elastomers (Styrenics, Polyurethane based TPE, Copolyesters, Polyolefin Blends (TPO), Dinamically Vulcanized Polyolefin alloys (TPV, TPSiV), polyamide block copolymer) 
Fluorolink® A10-P is usually used: 
- In thermoplastic parts subjected to wear such as gears, sliding-chain conveyors 
- In sealing systems like door seals to reduce stick-slip and noise emission 
- In portable and wearable devices (such as watch bands, protective smartphone cases, cable jackets, camera grips, soft-touch overmolding and others) to improve cleanability and removal of stains as well as develop soft touch feeling 
- In rubber rolls to reduce friction 
- In fibers to reduce the CoF and improve the water repellency and soil release, etc. 


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