FM® 3500 EZP

FM® 3500 EZP is a resin impregnated glass or polyester fabric peel ply. The resin formulation and fabric construction of FM® 3500 EZP have been optimized to provide a fiber-free and resin-rich prepreg surface for co-bonding and secondary bonding applications. FM® 3500 EZP is compatible with most 350⁰F (177⁰C) curing prepregs and adhesives. It maximizes adhesive bond strength when used with the latest generation of high performance prepregs and adhesives.

Features and Benefits
- Provides consistent and reproducible resin-rich surface for bonding
- Protects composite surface from contamination prior to final assembly
- Easy one-piece removal even after curing
- Compatible with most 350°F (177°C) curing prepregs and adhesives
- Exhibits excellent tack and drape
- Exhibits a 30-day shop life


  • Global Business Unit
    Composite Materials
  • Brand


Segments Applications
Airframe Secondary structural materials | Primary structural materials

Chemical categories

Chemical category Chemical family Chemical product
Composites Thermoset Epoxy
Process Materials Peel Ply Polyester

Region of commercial availability

  • Asia / Pacific
  • Europe / Middle East / Africa
  • North America
  • Latin America

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