Fomblin® FE 20C is a hydroalcoholic perfluoropolyether microemulsion, indefinitely stable within a defined range of temperature and concentration. Its stability however, is limited from 5 °C to 60 °C. Fomblin® FE 20C can be diluted down to 0.5 %, by weight of Fomblin® PFPE, without phase separation. If phase separation occurs from temperature change (e.g. outside storage) the emulsions will spontaneously re-disperse when brought back within the stable temperature range.
Fomblin® FE 20C microemulsion represents a very effective, environmentally safe and economical way of conveying the exceptional properties of liquid fluoropolymers to a variety of surfaces like metals, plastics, glass fibers etc. Benefits include improvement in chemical resistance, increased oil and water repellency release properties and a greater lubricity to the treated surface.


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Specialty Polymers Fluorinated Fluids PFPE (Perfluoropolyether)

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