Ixef® BM-1524 is a 50% glass-fiber reinforced, halogen-free flame retardant polyarylamide developed for aircraft cabin interior applications that require high strength and stiffness, good surface finish, low moisture absorption, and excellent chemical and creep resistance.  
This product is qualified under Boeing BMS8-270 Rev. L, Type I, Class 6, Form B, Grade 50 and meets the FAA 60-second vertical burn requirements per 14 CFR 25.853 Appendix F and toxic gas emission requirements per BSS7239 and ABD0031.
  • Natural: Ixef® BM-1524 NT 000


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    Specialty Polymers
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Segments Applications
Power Generation Photovoltaic

Chemical categories

Chemical category Chemical family Chemical product
Specialty Polymers Polyamides, Aromatic PARA (Polyarylamide)

Region of commercial availability

  • Asia / Pacific
  • Europe / Middle East / Africa
  • North America
  • Latin America

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