Ixef® HC-1022 is a 50% glass-fiber reinforced, General Purpose polyarylamide compound that exhibits very high strength and rigidity, outstanding surface gloss, and excellent creep resistance.
Ixef® HC-1022 shows no evidence of cytotoxicity, sensitization, intracutaneous reactivity or systemic toxicity based on biocompatibility testing as defined by ISO 10993:1. Solvay offers these materials for healthcare applications that require limited exposure (less than 24 hours) to the body.
  • Natural: Ixef® HC-1022 NT 000
  • Black: Ixef® HC-1022 BK 001


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    Specialty Polymers
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Segments Applications
Medical Devices Consumables for Patients | Dental devices | Wearable Devices | Orthopaedics
Medical Equipment & Instruments Re-usable devices & instruments | Single-use devices & instruments | Surgical cases & trays | Sterilization (sterilization cases & trays) | Diagnostic, treatment & monitoring equipment | Medical Equipment (no instruments)

Chemical categories

Chemical category Chemical family Chemical product
Specialty Polymers Polyamides, Aromatic PARA (Polyarylamide)

Region of commercial availability

  • Asia / Pacific
  • Europe / Middle East / Africa
  • North America
  • Latin America

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