MTM® 83 is a 125 to 135°C (257 to 275°F) curing phenolic resin matrix that exhibits excellent fire, smoke and toxicity performance to FAR25.853 and has good mechanical properties. MTM® 83 is a low tack system that can be supplied on a range of fibres, and is particularly suited to the production of cross-plied 0/90 laminates from unidirectional prepregs. MTM® 83 is suitable for aircraft interiors, motorsport, automotive and mass transit applications where the operating temperature is within the range -55 to 80°C (-67 to 176°F). Process by autoclave, oven vacuum bag or press moulding. Excellent fire, smoke and toxicity performance.


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    Composite Materials
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High Speed Train Interiors

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Composites Thermoset Phenolic

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