SOLKAFLAM® 227 UL is an important halon substitute primarily in occupied areas where space and/or weight are constrained, or speed of suppression is important. The range of these specialized fire protection applications include: Creating fire protection, where high value equipment is involved and personal safety must be considered. In these situations, water or dry chemicals could damage or destroy equipment, whereas SOLKAFLAM® 227 can effectively suppress a fire without damaging the equipment and endangering personnel who might require a significant part of a minute to exit the area. Computer rooms and data centres are prototypical examples for this application. Suppressing burning or explosion of flammable vapor in the air, for example; in aircraft jet engines or at gasoline service stations. Fire protection in maritime areas such as ships, oil platforms and other maritime bases.


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Industrial Equipment Fire protection
Segments Applications
Protection & Safety Fire Protection

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Fluorine derivatives Fluorinated Chemicals Heptafluoropropane

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