"High Purity Strontium Carbonate (SrCO3 HP SL300), very low in iron, alkaline and earth alkaline elements, for the electronic and optical industry. Strontium Carbonate High Purity (SrCO3 SL300) is a precipitated Strontium Carbonate with controlled particle size and shape and with a very low level of impurities of the alkaline and alkaline earth elements. It is widely used by the electronic industry as dopant in the production of barium titanates for MLCC and PTC devices and in the production of strontium titanates for the electronic industry. It is also widely used as raw material for the production of strontium aluminates in the production of phosphorescent pigments."


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Enhanced Design & Connectivity Electrical Components

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Barium and Strontium derivatives Strontium derivatives Strontium Carbonate

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