Tecnoflon® PFR 1075O is a perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) designed for very high performance applications where purity + chemical resistance + heat stability are required, mainly for semiconductor manufacturing applications.Tecnoflon® PFR 1075O is the upgrade of the heat resistance of Tecnoflon® PFR 5920M; It is suitable for applications at temperatures ranging from–10°C to 300°C.Tecnoflon® PFR 1075O contain very finely dispersed PTFE which acts as organic filler: it reinforces the materials without the use of conventional contaminating fillers, such as carbon black, or mineral fillers, such as BaSO4, TiO2, SiO2, aluminum oxide and aluminum silicate, that exhibit high plasma resistance shielding the polymer, but may contaminate the chamber by leaving discrete particles as soon as the polymer is etched by plasma. On the other hand, PTFE and FFKMs have similar etching rates, so that polymeric filled compounds can be completely etched to form volatiles, significantly reducing the potential for particle generation.The main properties of Tecnoflon® PFR 1075O are as follows:
- High purity (low amount of extractables)- Very good oxygen and fluorine plasma resistance- Very low particle generation- Low outgassing- Low friction- High abrasion resistance- Low Modulus- Excellent mechanical properties


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