Tecnoflon® PFR 5910M and PFR 5920M are perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) designed for high performance applications where both purity and chemical resistance are required, mainly for semiconductor manufacturing applications. Tecnoflon® PFR 5910M and PFR 5920M contain very finely dispersed particles of PTFE which acts as organic filler: it reinforces the materials without the use of conventional contaminating fillers, such as carbon black or minerals. Mineral fillers such as BaSO4, TiO2, SiO2, aluminum oxide and aluminum silicate exhibit high plasma resistance: they can therefore shield the polymer, but may contaminate the chamber by leaving discrete particles as soon as the polymer is etched by plasma. On the other hand, PTFE and FFKMs have similar etching rates, so that polymeric filled compounds can be completely etched to form volatiles, significantly reducing the potential for particle generation. 
The main properties of Tecnoflon® PFR 5910M and PFR 5920M are as follows: 
- High purity (low amount of extractables) 
- Very good oxygen and fluorine plasma resistance 
- Very low particle generation 
- Low outgassing 
- Low friction 
- High abrasion resistance 
- Low modulus 
- Excellent mechanical and sealing properties 
They are suitable for applications at temperatures ranging from –10°C to 270°C. Their extreme cleanliness along with their good plasma and chemical resistance make Tecnoflon® PFR 5910M and PFR 5920M the suitable sealing materials for most dry (plasma etching, PECVD, LPCVD, metal CVD, PVD, ALD, plasma cleans) and wet semiconductor processes (wafer cleaning, polymer removal, wet etching, polishing). Tecnoflon® PFR 5910M and PFR 5920M can be combined with the cure system and other typical fluoroelastomer compounding ingredients; their mixing can be accomplished with two roll mills or internal mixers. Finished goods may be produced by a variety of rubber processing methods. If only liquid peroxide is added to the polymers during the compounding stage, translucent items are produced. The primary use for Tecnoflon® PFR 5910M and PFR 5920M is the manufacturing of any kind of elastomeric sealing element such as chamber seals, lid seals, window seals, gas inlet seals, fitting seals, slit valve gates, lip seals, wafer handling parts, etc. used in the semiconductor industry. Tecnoflon® PFR 5910M and PFR 5920M are marketed in the form of raw polymer (1 kg and 5 kg boxes) in order to give the transformer the freedom and the opportunity to develop and fine tune compounds and items best suited to the final application. 


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