Torlon® AI-30 LM is a wet polymer granule developed for the performance coatings industry. This polyamide-imide precursor consists of roughly 35% polymer solids, 63% water and 2% NMP. The high acid number of the polymer backbone allows the formulation of aqueous solutions with the addition of an appropriate complexing amine. Aqueous-based solutions made with Torlon® AI-30 LM inherently have ys, which helps end users meet stringent environmental regulations. Coatings based on the Torlon® AI-30 LM polymer yield durable, abrasion-resistant, thermally-stable films. The cured resin has superior resistance to organic solvents and a wide array of other commercial and industrial chemicals. Outstanding tribological characteristics are afforded both by the resin as well as its unparalleled intra-coat adhesion to fluoropolymers. Aqueous-based AI-30 LM polymer coatings offer a sustainable solution for electrical/electronic, high temperature decorative and corrosion preventative applications. In addition, magnet wire insulation and protective coatings for printed circuit boards may be converted from solvent-borne (NMP) polyamide-imide solutions. Industrial applications include primers and decorative topcoats for cookware, appliances and housewares. Aqueous AI-30 LM polymer solutions may be easily combined with aqueous fluoropolymer dispersions to produce sustainable, high-performance, low-friction, corrosion-resistant coatings that provide protection to industrial and automotive parts.


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Segments Applications
Printing, Inks & Adhesives Adhesives
Chemical Industry Chemical Engineering
Industrial & Protective Coatings Industrial coatings
Industrial Equipment Industrial Equipment Parts | Pipes, Pumps, Fittings & Valves
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Electrification Battery Systems | Wire & Cable | Electric Motors
Powertrain Efficiency Transmission Parts
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Food Processing Food Processing
Food Packaging Metal
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Household Goods Power Tools & Garden
Sports & Leisure Sports & Leisure
Textiles & Fibers Textiles & Fibers

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Chemical category Chemical family Chemical product
Specialty Polymers Polyamide-imides PAI (Polyamide-imide)

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