Veradel® 3000MP is a high molecular weights PESU homopolymer powder designed specifically for the fabrication of microporous and ultraporous filtration membranes, in both hollow fiber and flat sheet forms. 
Veradel®3000MP features high purity, excellent toughness and outstanding hydrolytic resistance. It also offers superior resistance to mineral acids and bases and good resistance to moderate concentrations of chlorine. All Veradel® PESU polymers may be sterilized using a variety of methods, including steam, gamma ray, e-beam and ethylene oxide.
Veradel® PESU polymers are also available in a range of lower molecular weight alternatives, from 3000MP down to the lowest molecular weight offering, 3600P. There is a direct correlation between molecular weight and solution viscosity.
Typical applications for which Veradel® 3000MP is suited include hemodialysis, drinking water purification, pretreatment for reverse osmosis plants, wastewater treatment, food and beverage processing, and a variety of other industrial and bioprocessing fluid filtration uses.


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Specialty Polymers Sulfone Polymers PESU (Polyethersulfone)

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