Veradel® 3000RP hydroxyl-functionalized polyethersulfones (r-PESU) is an amorphous, high-temperature sulfone polymer featuring reactive end groups to enhance solubility for dissolving or dispersing into solutions and to improve adhesion to substrates when used as a coating. Veradel® 3000RP r-PESU offers excellent toughness and outstanding hydrolytic resistance. It resists attack from steam, boiling water and mineral acids. Cast films or coatings of r-PESU are transparent and have additional desirable properties, including long term thermal stability, excellent metal adhesion and formability and inherent flame resistance. Veradel® r-PESU polymers are available in two molecular weight regimes. Veradel® 3000RP is a high molecular weight sulfone polymer with a relatively low level of functionality while Veradel® 3600RP has a lower molecular weight sulfone polymer (approximately half the molecular weight of the Veradel® 3000RP) with roughly 3-5 times higher level of functionality. The differences in molecular weight results in highly varied levels of viscosity, when measured under similar conditions. Typical applications include high-temperature coating formulations and specialty adhesives. All Veradel® r-PESU polymers are produced at Solvay's state-of-the-art, world-scale facility in Panoli, India under ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified quality management systems.


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