Solvay’s  high-performance CYFLOC® flocculants represent the state-of-the-art in chemistry for liquid/solids separations and selective flocculation. These products provide better separations, fast settling rates and clearer overflows across a wide range of mineral processing applications – resulting in increased throughput and product recovery.

Solvay  offers CYFLOC flocculants and processing aid technology that is specially designed for the alumina industry:

  • CYFLOC® HX family of flocculants is an emulsion-based product for use in alumina plants to settle red mud slurries. It contains hydroxamate functional groups that provide high settling rates, significantly reduced suspended solids in decanter and washer overflow to improve liquor filtration operations and allow the economical processing of bauxite that traditional polyacrylate and co-polymers cannot handle.

  • CYFLOC® 1200 emulsion washer flocculants are emulsion-based products used to settle mud in the red mud washing circuit of alumina refineries. These products are a combination of acrylamide and acrylate with high to medium anionicity.

  • Cytec's CYFLOC® powder washer flocculants family is a  high molecular weight, powder-based product for use in alumina plants to settle red mud slurries. It contains anionic polyacrylamide functional groups with high to medium anionicity.

  • CYFLOC® TF-8000 & TF-9000 hydrate flocculants are anionic products that offer superior performance in flocculating and settling alumina hydrate in the Bayer process hydrate classification circuit.  The product is an aqueous dispersion of Solvay’s hydroxamated chemistry offering both lower overflow solids and improved underflow rheology at similar or lower dose rates than commonly used Dextran products.

  • CYFLOC® BXD bauxite handling and grinding aid is a dry powdered product used to improve the handling of wet bauxite. It functions by absorbing the free moisture content of the bauxite and agglomerating fine particles. CYFLOC® BXD can be applied at the mine’s site or during the unloading process. It helps prevent the buildup of bauxite on surfaces during the loading, unloading and reclaiming of bauxite.

  • CYFLOC® filtration aid is a hydroxamated polymer that is added in the feed liquor to the filters, resulting in increased liquor filtration rates.

  • CYFLOC® auto-precipitation reduction aid is a hydroxamated polymer that is added to thickener or washer feed in conjunction with regular flocculants. Auto-precipitation is reduced across washers, thickener and filters.