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What you will learn:

This webinar gives insights on how two of the industry’s best kept secrets – Omnix® HPPA and Ixef® PARA – offer potential solutions for structural applications being impacted by the PA 6.6 supply shortage.

The skyrocketing price of PA 6.6 is now on par with Omnix® HPPA, a high performance polyamide that offers enhanced performance for structural applications that don’t require high heat resistance. Plus, it can be injection molded on the same equipment as PA 6.6. Ixef® PARA builds on this performance, providing even higher strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability along with an exceptional surface finish.

Here are some key takeaways of this webinar:

  • Cost-equivalent polymer with higher performance
  • Key benefits of lower moisture absorption
  • Comparison of dry and conditioned data
  • Options for more aesthetic surface appearance