Fly high with best composite materials for aircraft airframes

Time to board the latest innovation in composites for top-notch plane structure. A constantly evolving portfolio of aerospace composites offers solutions for airframes including empennage, wing and fuselage structures, delivering superior design, efficiency and value to leading customers in aviation.

Solvay’s wide range of products for aerospace applications provides these benefits while enabling complete design freedom. We offer the broadest offering, including composites, structural adhesives, and surfacing products as well as processing materials for a ubiquitous spectrum of applications.

From prepregs and resin systems such as CYCOM® and APC®, clients can benefit from maximized cost-efficient manufacturing processes while building lightweight and reliable structures.


Helping to design the next-generation airframe


  • Empennage for the greatest degree of stability 

Tailor-made lightweight empennage products help to achieve the highest degree of design liberty while ensuring stability and safety. From tail cone to fixed aerodynamic surfaces and stabilizers, and movable aerodynamic surfaces can be built using structural composites, adhesives and bonding technologies, as well as radii filler.


  • Wings for all plane structures  

From thick or thin, elliptical or squared, to straight or cranked wing, we offer engineered composite materials for all types of planes. A vast catalog provides solutions for toughened liquid resin infusion systems, tailored textiles and pre-forms, out of autoclave capable prepregs, and ATL-capable lightning strike protection for all wing structures.


  • Fuselage for highly-resistant airplane 

he central portion of the airplane is designed to accommodate the crew, passengers, and even cargo require new design freedom, by reducing weight while ensuring safety. Solvay's lightweight damage-tolerant composites, surfacing films and environment resistant bonding primers and technologies, help to reduce weight while increasing aerodynamics thanks to high structural integration.


Solvay demonstrates the commitment that is necessary to support unprecedented commercial airplane production rates.

Ron Rabe, Senior VP of Operations for Spirit AeroSystems

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