Enhancing Aerospace Materials Across the Board

Solvay offers the aerospace industry a range of products and brands to aid commercial airplane manufacturers every step of the way, from development to certification, to production. Our solutions are proven to help in the production processes of airframes, interiors, electrical, air, and fluid systems, propulsion systems, and much more.


As a material supplier for aircraft, Solvay’s range of products answers the industry’s most challenging structural and aesthetic requirements. Our materials enable aircraft manufacturers to design lightweight interiors with maximum design flexibility. Discover more.

Plane's interior


Solvay’s materials for fixed-wing aircraft, including carbon fiber composites, are formulated for an array of structural applications. From wing components and empennage structures to fuselage assemblies, our materials are designed to create lightweight, high-performance, and production-ready components for airplanes and jets. Discover more.