Solvay’s Advanced Materials for Fixed-Wing Aircraft

Solvay offers the aerospace industry a broad portfolio designed to meet the requirements of all applications for fixed-wing aircraftManufacturers of commercial airplanes depend on industry-proven brands such as Cycom®, BR®, AeroPaste®, Avimid®, Fuseply™, PRISM®, SURFACE MASTER®, FM®, Torlon® PAI, AvaSpire® PAEK and KetaSpire® PEEK.

  • Cycom® - CYCOM® products provide manufacturers of fixed-wing aircraft with a wide range of composite options to support assembly processes. Meeting lightweighting and performance needs, CYCOM® products are used for primary and secondary aircraft structures as well as interior applications. 
  • BR® - Designed to improve the adhesion of materials, BR® chromated and non-chromate bonding primers provide enhanced bonding properties to substrates. BR® improves the long-term durability of materials for commercial aircraft in a wide range of aerospace applications while inhibiting long-term wear. 
  • AeroPaste® - This new generation of epoxy-based structural adhesive paste is designed to enable rapid assembly and automation for aircraft manufacturers.. AeroPaste® provides film-like properties and performance enhancements superior to leading film adhesives on the market. 
  • Avimid® - For the most advanced aerospace applications, manufacturers for aircraft rely on Avimid® polyimide products. Avimid® solutions are used to create fiber-reinforced resin composite structures for use in the creation of aircraft parts and jet engine components.
  • FusePly™ - Eliminating the need for multiple rivets and fasteners, Fuseply™ lowers product assembly time for commercial airplane manufacturers. Known for its reliability and compatibility with conventional manufacturing processes, Fuseply™ enables design freedom and the build of outstanding bonded composite structures for aircraft. 
  • PRISM® - Known to enable manufacturing design flexibility and weight optimization, PRISM® resin infusion product portfolio offer solutions for manufacturers of commercial aircraft to develop geometrically complex parts. PRISM® provides cost-effective solutions across a broad range of textiles, including non-crimp fabrics, braids and more. 
  • SURFACE MASTER® - By reducing surface defects by 95% or more, SURFACE MASTER® offers superior handling properties to facilitate manufacturing processes. Manufacturers of commercial airplanes depend on SURFACE MASTER® as the industry standard for composite material surfacing. 
  • FM® - Solvay's FM® portfolio of structural film and foam adhesives is designed to meet precise temperature, toughness, environmental and cure requirements. They meet complex requirements for metal-to-metal, composite-to-metal and composite-to-composite bonding across a variety of industries. 
  • Torlon® PAI - Torlon® polyamide-imide (PAI) is a high-performing, melt-processable thermoplastic known for its chemical resistance to strong acids and most organics. It retains its toughness, outstanding strength and stiffness in harsh conditions with temperatures up to 275°C in both dry and lubricated environments. It also exhibits outstanding creep capabilities. 
  • AvaSpire® PAEK - AvaSpire® PAEK products are optimal materials for commercial aerospace as they provide performance benefits such as fatigue and creep resistance, chemical resistance and hot-wet performance. These features match the aerospace industry's key requirements for light- and medium-duty structural applications. 
  • KetaSpire® PEEK - KetaSpire® PEEK offers manufacturers of commercial airplanes a wide range of benefits. OEMs enjoy broader design options to maximize space constraints, lower assembly costs, lower operational costs, lower maintenance costs and improved safety features thanks to KetaSpire® PEEK’s reliability. As a high-performing material for fixed-wing aircraft, KetaSpire® PEEK provides outstanding strength and modulus, exceptional chemical resistance to aircraft fluids and excellent creep and fatigue resistance.