Sit back on composite materials for aircraft interiors

We are a world leader in providing composite materials to design, develop and manufacture cabin interior products and services delivering innovation, reliability and efficiency.

Our broad range of offerings includes composite solutions that improve aerospace interiors, design aesthetics and comfort while reducing manufacturing costs. Ultimately, our advanced materials assist customers to achieve high safety requirements for commercial aircraft.


A world of applications for aerospace interior design 

Composite materials ensure comfortable and safe aircraft cabins

After decades of close collaboration with customers, we find a wealth of experience supporting the interior market segment and understands its specific needs. With strong technical expertise, we are equipped to provide customer intimacy assessing them with the best-in-class innovation that suites the project.

Our composite materials for aircraft interiors consist of resins, carbon fiber, technical fabrics, adhesives, as well as processing materials and ancillaries, all certified to the largest interiors' Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Solvay’s extensive portfolio includes thermoplastic films that provide comfort and safety such as CYCOM 6070CYCOM 2400-1CYCOM 2265 or CYCOM 2290CYCOM 919 and MTM 82S for a variety of applications in:

  • Standard Cabin: luggage bins, interior panels, cargo lining and floors
  • Custom Cabin: seats, monuments, galleys, lavatories and trollies


Solvay demonstrates the commitment that is necessary to support unprecedented commercial airplane production rates

Ron Rabe, Senior VP of Operations for Spirit AeroSystems

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