A Wide Range of Feed Supplements for Healthier Livestock and Fish Farming

Solvay's highly efficient feed supplements for livestock are used for the prevention and control of diseases and to optimize the flow of essential nutrients for animal health. Our unique Micropearl technology opens new opportunities for the feed additives market such as Tixosil®, a non-dusting and highly flowable carrier solution for premixes.

In the aquaculture industry, where parasitic diseases can seriously affect production, we have developed a low-impact treatment solution based on oxygenated water, Paramove®, that removes sea lice from salmon, promotes salmon welfare, and contributes to sustainable aquaculture.

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Top Solutions for Livestock & Animals

Our diverse portfolio for Livestock & Animals includes Bicar®Z, a simple and efficient sodium bicarbonate feed material that enhances productivity and animal well-being;  Tixosil®, which is silica range that optimizes flowability for feed handling, dosing,  storage, and transport to the mixer tanks for premixes; Paramove®, a low-impact treatment solution based on hydrogen peroxide to control sea lice and promote salmon welfare. 

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