Nurturing and Protecting Livestock and The Environment

Discover how we use our experience and technology to bring innovative solutions that span livestock needs from feed ingredients such as Bicar®Z and Caso® Feed to appetite enhancers and disease protection with Proxitane® AHC. Learn more about our efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for aquaculture such as Paramove® enabling farmers to maintain healthy ponds and a sustainable business.



Bicar®Z is a  sodium bicarbonate-based feed ingredient that enhances livestock productivity and well-being.


Caso® Feed

Caso® Feed, one of the best anionic salts available,  can be used as a calcium source in many animal feed mixes.



 Solvay’s Tixosil® range of precipitated silica optimizes flowability for feed handling, dosing,  storage, and transport to mixer tanks for premixes. 


BHA Optimox®

BHA Optimox® is the perfect antioxidant designed for feed and pet food applications. It significantly extends the shelf life of pet food and treats. 


Rhovea® Feed

Rhovea® Feed is a high purity appetite and flavour enhancer, designed to meet animal nutrition requirements.



Aqualisan® is a premium, effective, and environmentally friendly water conditioning solution for shrimp farming.



Paramove® is a low-impact treatment solution based on hydrogen peroxide, to control sea lice and promote salmon welfare. 



Seatru is an artificial intelligence platform to predict disease outbreaks and improve overall farm health management.



IXPER® C improves the breeding environment for aquatic life, such as shrimps and crabs, through slow-release oxygenation of the lower layers of ponds.


VAPORPH3OS® Phosphine Fumigant

VAPORPH3OS® Phosphine Fumigant enables timely, cost-effective fumigation of post-harvest products and storage structures


Proxitane® AHC

Proxitane® AHC is used as a rapid high level disinfectant in the farming industry to protect animals from diseases.