Safer and Powerful Solvent Solutions for Crop Protection Formulations

In recent years, rapidly spreading resistance issues along with increasing regulatory requirements and end-consumer demand for safer and eco-friendly products have become the main drivers for the agrochemical industry

After years of intensive agricultural practices, traditional pest control strategies are being challenged, leading to the development of a broader spectrum of disease control products with multiple modes of action. Agrochemical formulators have been adapting their offerings with more complex, increasingly safer formulations that feature new active ingredients and modes of action, including biorationals and combinations of existing a.i. In parallel, the choice of co-formulants and green solvents for crop protection formulations are key selection criteria to reduce environmental risks.

For Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC), a widely used type of agrochemical formulation, the agrochemical industry relies on the right solvent toolbox to balance biological efficiency and environmental impact of the final crop protection product. 

Laboratory of the Future, Bordeaux-Pessac

Learn more about our unique methodology to design the best green solvents thanks to artificial intelligence. 

Laboratory of the Future

Benefits of Solvay’s Green Solvents

With its Rhodiasolv® green solvents, Solvay offers agrochemical formulators the best solvent performance with the safest toxicity and ecotoxicity profiles. 

  • Enhanced Pest Control Formulations 

Each product in the Rhodiasolv® range presents different sets of characteristics covering solvent polarity, solubility and crystal growth inhibition, to guarantee enhanced performance in its EC form.

  • Eco-friendly and User-friendly Solvents 

With low volatility, odorless benefits and environmental safety improvements, Solvay’s green solvents for agrochemical formulations are ideal candidates for substitution of toxic solvents such as NMP, aromatics and more. In addition, Rhodiasolv® products can be tailored into an easy-to-use blend format. 

Solvay’s Range of Green Solvents

Amide-Based Solvents

As candidates of choice for high solvency, Rhodiasolv® ADMA products are versatile solvents and can be synergistically used with Solvay’s patented Rhodiasolv® PolarClean co-solvent to bring additional polarity and crystal growth inhibition.

Ester and Ketal Solvents

Our safest co-solvent offering features very mild characteristics and balanced polarity and solvency power. 

Solvent Blends

Our ready-to-use agrochemical solvent blends are designed for complex fungicide combinations.