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Plant nutrition products, widely known as fertilizers, are essential to crop growth. Improving soil health also helps the plant better access essential nutrients and water.

In order to enhance nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency, regulations and sustainable farming practices push more and more for the use of nitrogen stabilizers, intended to reduce nitrous oxide greenhouse gas emissions (urease inhibitors) and nitrate water pollution (nitrification inhibitors). 

Solvay was the first chemical company to innovate by formulating these nitrogen stabilizers with safe, eco-friendly solvents.


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Solvay’s offering in plant nutrition products includes: urease and nitrification inhibitors, phosphate fertilizers, potash fertilizers and additives for Fertilizer blends. 

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    Solvay offers ingredients for plant nutrition formulations and enhanced fertilizer efficiency, including:

    • Nutrients (phosphate, nitrogen and potash) 
    • Inert ingredients (solvents, binders, coatings) 
    • Urease and nitrification inhibitors


    Among Solvay’s solutions for enhancing the efficiency of fertilizers is AgRHO® N Protect™, a line of eco-friendly nitrogen stabilizers that prevent ammonia volatilization, nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions. Produced with safe and bio-based solvents, AgRHO® N Protect™ products effectively reduce fertilizer dosages and lessen water and air pollution. 

    Our tailored portfolio also includes CASO® FOOD/FCC, a fertilizer specifically designed for fruit trees, particularly apple trees. As a highly soluble source of calcium and chloride as well as a soil amendment treatment, CASO® FOOD/FCC reduces sodium levels, crusting and soil tilth.

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