Better quality, productivity and plant growth with seed biostimulants and fumigants

Seed care includes seed treatments to protect against pests and disease, seed enhancements to ensure quality and plantability of certified seeds. More recently, seed-applied biostimulants are added to help the seed thrive in diverse soil and water conditions. 

As a proven innovator in the agricultural industry, Solvay has successfully developed the breakthrough “non-living”, seed biostimulant AgRHO® S-Boost™. We have invested in the future of seed technology by developing treatment solutions and formulating biologicals that demonstrate a commitment to the science of seed care.

Post-harvest, grain-care products are added during storage and transport to protect the grain from pests.


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    Solvay’s range of products for grain and seed care include: biostimulants, seed application technologies and fumigants.

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      Types of ingredients

      Seed and grain care products range from active ingredients (calcium, sodium and florinates) to formulation inerts (binders and dispersants), as well as biostimulant formulations and fumigation solutions for safe seed storage.

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      Specifically, AgRHO® S-Boost™ is a plant-based, non-toxic, seed-applied biostimulant that improves abiotic stress resistance, boosts crop root development and optimizes yields. Labelled as Efficient Solution by the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions created by the Solar Impulse Foundation, AgRHO® S-Boost is a powerful tool for sustainable agriculture practices recognized for its capacity to reduce water withdrawals and fertilizer dosages.



      Along the same line, AgRHO® BioBinder is a plant-based functional coating that offers superior adhesion and improved dust-off.

      IXPER® is an environmentally friendly solution that enables faster germination by providing calcium peroxide oxygen release, on-demand and in situ.

      Additionally, a vast array of fumigation solutions can help to protect grain, seed and post-harvest products from pests during storage and transport. They include: 

      • ECO2FUME®, a ready-to-use phosphine gas for effective fumigation in a variety of sealed storage applications. It is dispensed external to storage or structures using simple techniques that avoid fumigator exposure and eliminate confined space entry.
      • VAPORPH3OS®, a pure cylinderized phosphine gas for use in fumigation of post-harvest products or storage structures. VAPORPH3OS® is used in conjunction with blending equipment designed to dilute the phosphine concentration below its lower flammability limit. This allows for fumigation of large structures as well as frequent fumigation via on-site blending with the surrounding air as the dilution gas.

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