Taking E-Drive Components Further

As the industry shifts its focus to e-drive system integration to reduce weight and improve packaging space, drivetrain components require cutting-edge solutions to maintain or even boost performance. Solvay’s portfolio of specialty polymers for e-drives is built to enable a wide range of applications to withstand the demanding conditions found within drivetrain systems. Our e-drive solutions are aligned with today’s most challenging design trends to facilitate the ongoing evolution of automotive applications.



Integration of the motor and gears creates challenges in keeping the gears lubricated whilst maintaining the motor windings cool. Motors running at higher speed place greater demand on seals due to greater friction and wear.  The raised localized temperature around the seals requires high-performance materials such as Tecnoflon® FKM that can stand up to these high heat conditions but can also remain flexible at low temperatures. Tecnoflon FKM is designed with superior friction and wear properties and higher heat capability than AEM/ACM.


Motor Bearings

Proper lubrication of electric motor bearings is essential to maintain peak operating conditions. As the industry moves towards system integration, there will be an increased emphasis on lubrication within these systems. Solvay’s Fomblin® PFPE grades provide excellent lubrication and cooling over a very wide range of operating temperatures.


Seal Rings and Thrust Bearings

Replacing metal needle bearings with high-performance polymeric bearings not only reduces weight but also saves space and gives rise to overall component cost savings. Polymer-based bearings and seal rings generate additional benefits such as parts consolidation, excellent resistance to automotive fluids, as well as resistance to corrosion, abrasion, high temperatures and wear. KetaSpire® PEEK and Torlon® PAI offer an unprecedented selection of strong, lightweight alternatives to metal and lower grade plastics as they meet next-generation thermal, friction and wear requirements.


Transmission Speed Sensors 

Transmission housings must be resistant to a range of chemicals and temperatures in order to protect the sensitive electronic components of the sensors. We offer a number of Amodel® PPA and Veradel® PESU grades allowing the flexibility to specify the right material for the application, taking into account not only the operating environment but manufacturing and assembly processes as well. 



Solenoids play a critical role in the proper operation of the transmission and must withstand thousands of actuations over the lifetime of the vehicle. Parts must be produced to very precise specifications while being able to withstand the severe chemical and temperature environment in the transmission. Thanks to its dimensional stability and lightweight features together with a solid resistance in ATF, Amodel® PPA is an excellent choice for this application.


Oil Pump Housings

Oil pump components need to be designed and manufactured to precise tolerances to ensure optimal performance. Materials like Ryton® PPS can successfully replace machined metal components thanks to its excellent dimensional stability and ability to meet tight tolerances, optimal part design, weight savings and high chemical resistance at elevated temperatures.


Transmission Oil Cooling Line

Complex powertrain fluid lines made up of rubber and metal segments are good targets for conversion to thermoplastics, as these polymer-based lines are less expensive to manufacture, lighter in weight and more sustainable. Ryton® XE PPS alloys enable these advantages over rubber and metal thanks to unique performance properties.