Enhancing Air Management and Exhaust Systems 

Solvay’s range of products for air management and exhaust systems provides crucial benefits to air management and exhaust system components. Our portfolio of industry-proven brands includes Amodel® PPA, Ryton® PPS, Torlon® PAI, KetaSpire® PEEK, Tecnoflon® FKM, Actalys® and Optalys®, and Eolys®.

  • Amodel® PPA - These high temperature polyamides retain outstanding mechanical integrity in temperatures of up to 230°C. Amodel® PPA offers exhaust and air management systems excellent dimensional stability, great performance under elevated temperature, processing ease and more.
  • Ryton® PPS - With exceptionally high modulus and creep resistance, Ryton® high-heat polymers are ideal for precision molded components because of their high temperature service. For components such as air ducts, Ryton® PPS provides outstanding performance benefits such as temperature resistance. 
  • Torlon® PAI - This thermoplastic polymer possesses exceptional resistance to wear, creep and chemicals and performs impressively under high temperature conditions. Torlon® PAI are a great match for turbochargers efficiency and coatings. 
  • KetaSpire® PEEK - Known for its outstanding fatigue and chemical resistance, KetaSpire® PEEK possesses great dimensional stability for air management and exhaust system components. KetaSpire® PEEK is ideal for lower weight and inertia in complex applications.
  • Tecnoflon® FKM - Tecnoflon® FKM are synthetic rubbers that perform excellently under thermally aggressive environments. These high-performance elastomers allow turbocharger hoses to remain flexible at temperatures below freezing, preventing leakage and optimal design flexibility. 
  • Actalys® & Optalys®, Eolys® - Actalys®, Optalys® and Eolys® are sustainable performance materials that guarantee fuel-efficiency, emission reduction and particulate filter regeneration. Actalys® and Optalys® offer outstanding thermal stability, stable surface areas and accessible oxygen storage capacity. Eolys® is a fuel-borne catalyst additive that reduces fuel consumption and engine oil dilution, enhances DPF regeneration efficiency in cold operation conditions and introduces flexibility in exhausts.