Trusted Brands for Thermal Management in E-Water Pumps

Our trusted brands for e-water pumps for automotive thermal management impart a variety of key processing and performance benefits. With good dimensional stability, improved performance at extreme temperatures, enhanced mechanical strength, injection molding compatibility and more, Solvay’s high-performance specialty polymers are the choice materials for various e-water pump applications. Our key polymers for automotive e-water pump components are Amodel® PPA and Ryton® PPS

  • Amodel® PPA - Known for its lightweighting abilities and high-temperature performance in automotive solutions, Amodel® PPA also enhances the chemical resistance and mechanical properties of key automotive applications. With glycol-resistant grades, Amodel® PPA allows manufacturers to produce e-water pumps with higher tolerance to coolant exposure.
  • Ryton® PPS - Ryton® PPS is a high-heat polymer that offers e-water pump applications outstanding dimensional stability. Its product line includes many benefits for advanced e-water pump usages, from low moisture absorption to thermal resistance to harsh liquids such as glycol and coolant.