Improving Fuel Efficiency for Thermal Management Modules

Automotive manufacturers rely on Solvay’s thermal management additives to optimize the performance and fuel efficiency of thermal management components. Our enhanced polymers for thermal management modules withstand high temperatures, humidity and exposure to aggressive chemicals. Solvay’s additives for automotive thermal management modules allow manufacturers to produce more fuel-efficient, longer-lasting vehicles.

  • Amodel® PPA - Amodel® is suitable for thermal management module housings. It is a crucial component to lightweighting solutions, helping manufacturers produce lighter, more fuel-efficient thermal management modules for internal combustion engines and drivetrains. This advanced material delivers a 35% reduction in weight compared to its metal alternative. Amodel® maintains its mechanical integrity at elevated temperatures, high humidity, and in chemically aggressive environments and offers long-term water resistance, low moisture absorption, and higher thermal capability than conventional solutions.
  • Ryton® PPS - For optimal internal valve balls, Solvay offers Ryton® PSS for exceptional dimensional stability. These high heat materials for automotive thermal management modules withstand high-temperature service in demanding conditions and grant property retention in glycol for extended periods of time.