Enhancing Safety and Efficiency of Battery Enclosures 

Battery enclosures are widely used in battery electric vehicles and are one of the major building blocks of the electrified powertrain.  As battery technology evolves, their role in protecting the battery cell from internal thermal runaway events, external fire events, electromagnetic interference shielding, and vehicle crash & crush becomes increasingly more critical.  Solvay’s portfolio of high-performance materials offers a wide range of advanced properties to meet these needs. 

Composite and polymer materials offer design flexibility and part integration potential that is not possible with incumbent metallic solutions which can significantly improve energy and power density as well as achieve more than 50% lightweighting over metallic solutions.

Top Solutions for Battery Enclosure

Getting the full advantage of a lightweight composite polymer battery enclosure design requires a holistic approach to achieve the correct balance of interconnected attributes.  Solvay’s range of high-performance polymers and thermoplastic composites including Evolite®, Solvalite®, and Ryton® PPS enables the development of composite designs capable of meeting key mechanical performance requirements such as modal stiffness, crush, and abuse cases. 

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