Advanced Solutions for Safety and Performance

As Li-Ion battery technology evolves, Solvay provides OEMs with high-performance fluoropolymers and aromatic polymers for cell structural components, including gaskets, insulators, and holders, to extend battery life and improve battery safety. They deliver critical application performance with superb temperature, chemical, flame, and high voltage resistance with improved processability.

  • Hyflon® Perfluoropolymers are thermo-processable perfluorinated polymers, specifically designed for high temperatures and unparalleled chemical resistance, and the best candidate materials for gaskets and insulators in large-size battery cells to ensure lifetime performance and excellent safety. Different grades of Hyflon® are available to meet customized performance, efficiency, and processing requirements.
  • Ryton® PPS is the ideal polymer for internal and external insulators, thanks to its extraordinary chemical resistance vs electrolyte, high-temperature resistance, and electrical insulation properties, with good processing ability.